Aeroportos Brasileiros

Boa tarde , vocês tem planos para colocar alguma aeroporto aqui do Brasil , Cumbica , Brasilia ou galeão?

Sorry buddy, I am not going to reply posts in anything but english… to many things to do (and they are better than using google translator over and over).

Just to make it clear - nothing personal of course.

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Ok I understand, my question is if there is a possibility of having Brazilian airports in the game, such as airport int. From Sao Paulo

In the future yes - we will go in circle around the world to have at least one airport per continent. Then possibly more. We will also need to direct some traffic to South America.

Ok thanks.
congratulation , your game it´s very good

I do not know if I can give opinion on which aircraft to put in the future, but if possible one day try to add fokker 100 as a special aircraft, just like mine profile picture

Thanks. For sure you can suggest any airport in Brasil you would wish to see in game. Fokker 100 it was originally planned to be in game so that still may happen.

Perfect, well my indications at the moment would be sao paulo airport (cumbica) + fokker 100 and if one day it is possible to rescue a little of our history of aviation, with airlines brasileiras like (vasp, varig, trans-brazil, rio-sul , old tam (latam).