Air aisia mistake

We have some mistake here, i have already completed contract with Asia Air but in my woapedia it not yet. And when I take a look, i think a321NX in contract and in Woapedia not the same

Bro you’re at “Air Asia” but not “Thai Air Asia”

In the WoApedia just have only one Asia air (Thai Asia), if it is not this one, so we don’t have any Asia else….

You’re in the Malaysian air Asia, you can tell by the A321f which is only available with the Malaysian marked air Asia

There are multiple airasias. The A321NX found in the woapedia is an event and is unobtainable as a contract.

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So, how about this one??? I can not find any Asia Air else, just only one. Don’t have Thai aisia in WoApedia, please add it. Thank you

report to
devs will not check here

Check Manila at NGO, it should be there

I think he was asking why he handled it but it didn’t show up. It was solved on the discord by handling it Teo more times to the second reward tier