Air Serbia and Bulgaria air fleet suggestion

I think the game is missing some of the Ex-Yuglasian carriers in-game, and I like to see atleast one of these in-game, the first one is Air Serbia A319 and A320, which playes the main role for European destinations (such as Prague, Moscow, Paris, etc.), these aircrafts will operate from Belgrade to Innsbruck, Bari and Prague.
Another airline that is missing is Bulgaria air, they only have M size aircrafts (A319, A320 and E190), those aircrafts could be available on routes from Sofia to Bari and Prague (sorry Innsbruck),
Oh and when the A330-200 will be released, I would like to see Air Serbia special livery on it when Belgrade’s airport will be released as well, since Air Serbia is the ONLY airline that is flying to/from US, only this aircraft will be available.



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No need bulgarian :bulgaria: airline or ANY bulgarian airports.
They are useless and never ever should be in the game.

At this rate, I’m convinced you’re trying to offend people :confused:

At this rate you can ask me why I write my before post.
I can tell ya fella…
Before every last 4 update I personally write yo the devs for airport from Bulgaria and airline.
The answer was kindly: next time,next update.
So next update come nothing…
Two updates before last one I write them that I am ready to PAY development of bulgarian airport and one plane with bulgarian airline…the answer was 100% in next update Bulgaria will have it in the game.
Update come…airport and airline no.
I can share you the thread with that here in the forum you can se

You don’t have to be rude about not getting what you want, even if they keep saying next update, next update… Just say exactly what you said to @Person. Tbh, there are probably other people who wants certain things too and don’t get it.

Is your opinion that I am rude.
I think I am not and asking something 4 times to be in the game is normal if they not do it.
Other example specially for you:
They not add bulgarian airport or airline but they add bunge of secondary and thirdly by important airport from whole Europe also from Turkey and other Balkan region countries.
How about that? Am I in my rights to be mad about that?

Have you tried suggesting your airline/airport to the community feedback portal? If not try it… it might work.

There was a suggestion from other player yes. Here and in Facebook also.
The result is the same.
Im telling you I am give up in this reall
Is their game they can add whatever they want and whenever they want.
The vote and voice of the players is scream in dessert
Enjoy playing!

Wow the sense of entitlement is insane. You realise this is a game right.

SomeGuy98345 is telling you what the general opinion in this forum is regarding developer feedback. I agree with him.

No need to get personal over this.

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Damn, you got me :joy::joy:

As I write I dont care even if they put airport to the Moon.
I can make other experiment. I will pay 400 people to vote for one airport ( not big one not small one) random one.
And will see with the most votes airport the devs will put it in the game or no?
I can bet 1000€ that they will not
Like D.Trump say: “Nothing personal,nothing personal” :joy::joy::joy:

I knew it man.
You are the grey cardinal

No, I’m more of the gray mouse that will bite your heel from behind if you’re not careful.

How you find out that I am rude? Did you see my lips?
Did you hear my voice if I say it?
If you write 20 post up than yours you will fond out that I was write it with irony and joke.
But no mate…guys like you first think to come out in their mind is that the people answering like that are rude,offensive and trash talking.
A little more push your brain IYL

Who cares :joy:

Listen all I’m saying is you shouldn’t have called a countries airports useless. You wrote something that was maybe a bit rude and let’s face it that’s that. not important sure, maybe. but not useless. anyways it’s just a game guys. It’s NOT a big deal… maybe you did say it as a joke it still doesn’t mean you should have said that, anyways lets just not dwell on the subject now… shall we :D,


LOL, me too.

OMG, you got me. But hell yeah, where is Bulgaria Air. it seems to be missing amongst all European airlines…hmmm.