Aircraft doesn't start push back -> Traffic jam at IAD

I’ve had this at various L/XL-gates at IAD that an aircraft doesn’t start to push back and thus creating a traffic jam because the other aircraft “think” they have to wait. Seems to be a new bug, can somebody please have a look at it? Thx

Here you can see the problem better. Aircraft at the gate is ready an waits for push back which is not happening:

It works at other gates and so another aircraft wants to drive on the taxiway but it is stopping because it waits for the pushback to happen

The more aircraft come to this position the bigger the jam gets. I think there needs to be a force push back command in the code, which is missing since the last update.

Only solution so far is returning to the menu and the stuck aircraft is gone.

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just a friendly reminder that this bug is still happening pretty often.

Can devs please confirm that they know about it or do you need additional information? Then I’ll be patient and wait for a solution/update. Thank you!

My hope that the update will fix this has just been destroyed :disappointed:

Does any one know if someone is working of solving the problem you cant see the Plaines landing and taxing in IAD until the make the turn to the parking iam speaking about the small plaines

Same lockup at IAD. @shill