Aircraft Handling Frozen

Hi all.
I’ve encountered this error twice
Aircraft will already have started loading, and will suddenly freeze and stop being handled, the time not changing. When I try to speed it up by boosting it, it remains frozen.
Another situation is that the aircraft won’t taxi to the runway. It’ll fully load, and the ‘take off’ button won’t show, the aircraft indicator will be orange, but the button for it to take off will be frozen.


same with me!!

The whole thing with the take-off is just the game processing the information or the Internet connection stability since this game is heavily reliant on having a good device and stable internet connection. It’ll also almost always let you press “Take-off” in about 10-25 seconds once it can save the game on to the cloud.

Just check your internet connection (Google “speed test” and check ping, and speeds), WoA is a online dependent game… If you have an android, you can try and use Speedify App which would combine your WiFi with Moblie Data to give a faster connection

Your mileage may vary