Aircraft Info

I’ve put together a schedule for all aircraft ( that I am able to) of the following info:

  1. System Estimated Handling time
  2. Max Handlers
  3. Golden Planes needed for unlock
  4. Wollars cost of each plane
  5. Cost of basic livery
  6. Cost of premium livery
  7. Cost of Supreme Livery
  8. Cost of Special Livery

There are some gaps, I’ve unlocked most things, so there are some I can’t can’t, same for a few of the liveries. A few of the older aircraft don’t have the flow of above, so I’ve tried to categorize them based on what I think they should be.

If you have any you can add for me, please post below and I will add


Wow thats amazing work!!

How long it took to do? As it is a great job of all the aircraft in the game

A little tricky as I had to work with my iPad and phone at the same time, but I think overall it took me about 2-3 hours or so. My phone has a non connected game so all the S and M were locked through that. I’m missing L and X because I’ve been playing a long time and have them unlocked

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