Aircraft lighting

I really enjoyed the game, and as a true plane enthusiast, I pay attention to the details. However, there are a few issues I’d like to discuss. Firstly, the lighting on the aircraft needs some attention. For instance, the 87 has two tail lights on either side of the fuselage, but the flash timing is off, and the same goes for the other strobe lights. I was hoping this would be addressed in the update. Additionally, when updating the C-17, please check the landing lights configuration, as they are located on the tips of the wings not where they are located at now. Also, the tail beacon should be centered on top of the tail, not the front. Furthermore, the 77 should have a constant tail light and a blinking one, so it would be great if this could be addressed as well. Moreover, I’ve noticed that there is a runway/taxi lighting glow effect, and I think it would be a great addition to the wing lights and strobe lights when the plane is on the ground. Lastly, before adding more airports, it would be fantastic if all the planes could be updated to the current version, as the community has been eagerly anticipating fuller airports. This is a significant concern for all me at least and like to hear some feedback from the developers on these topics.

Most of the plane’s lights are off, even on some turboprops

Given that the devs are already working on SYD, you will not get your wish. They will be worked on concurrently, next with the 350 and then with the 320 family. Devs prefer to do it that way, as it keeps the income stream from the airport side coming too as they release the V3 models. They have said the aim to do the remaining models in the 6-9 month range


Ps, write to the devs directly at or if you have other platforms you can try Instagram, Facebook or discord


Well that’s in upside in news but lighting, will it be accurate esp with the A321 and the that the stone lights are place much higher than the nav light on the winglets. You and I both know it’s about accuracy. I get that SYD is about to come out and I’m cool with that, I enjoy new airports.

Easier said than done. That amount of detail would be cool, but there’s a lot of stuff that needs attention before that. The majority of people are looking at the overall detail of the plane, not very minor details like lighting configurations


We need round engines first.


All of this is nice, but right now there is very little reason for some of us to keep playing unless they add another airport. So yes, I’d like to see the planes fixed… but not at the expense of new features and airports.

I get that and totally understand. Probably like you I’m maxed out the rest of the airports or have already beaten them and don’t wanna play on them anymore.

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don’t worry, I am sure they will add new levels to them :slight_smile:

Bro I’ve only completed IAD… :smiling_face_with_tear:

Honestly… I’m not sure how much new levels are really going to do TBH. The gameplay for WoA is fairly limited and nothing has really added much variety in gameplay. Tower manager is nice as I can land planes while I sleep, but am I really playing a game just to let it run while I sleep haha? I really hope challenges and alliances come this year to add some much needed spice…

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Yeah. Community features and other goals are a big thing. The woapedia is a nice addition, it adds a huge new goal, but it doesn’t really change the constant repetition of the core gameplay, which is what me, CJ, and a bunch of other people are struggling with