Aircraft liveries/gold planes

I’ve thought about this for a while now, and I think it would be better if for our aircraft liveries, we didn’t need to buy them with gold planes. We can translate the gold plane with like experience, so it’s logical that to buy an aircraft you need experience, but I believe that the liveries should be bought with the in-game currency. It is annoying to have plane white planes when you buy a new type. I now have some B787 but they are all white because I need 5 or 10 gold planes to have a livery. It would make more sense if you needed to pay every time you decide to change de livery of your plane. Maybe it’s just me though, but i hope not… Oh and a bit off topic here, but would be nice to have the color white in the colors to choose from on a livery.

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Golden Planes is only way developers get a bit of money for what they develop. You can earn Golden Planes if you wont want to spend money, but yes then IT takes longer. So for me is this system fine.

White color you can buy with Golden Planes hexcolor = #ffffff

This is correct, there are no other revenues to support the game like ads. So the devs need the revenue from purchases of golden planes to support the development of the game and add all the fun stuff we want.
Changing everything to currency like this reduces that ability and risks the game being viable. They had to change the maintenance returns for GP’s as they were giving way too many away.
So yes it’s frustrating. But economically not likely to happen and as you grow your personal fleet you can gain decent amounts of gp’s to support what you would like to do with liveries as long as you run them past maintenance C and do all the levels and other achievements. Or you can buy them, but o know that’s not feasible for everyone