Aircraft Liveries & questions

Hi folks,

I’ve paid for golden planes before- to unlock a livery as an example, on the B738.

  • why isn’t the unlocked livery available on all aircraft types as you unlock them?
  • what arent some of the liveries available on all aircraft types to even unlock?

I have 3x different liveries running on my fleets just because the purchased one isn’t available! Looks rubbish IMHO…

  • why don’t you get the airline name to be displayed as an option? SF340 the name shows, atr72 / B738 / B757 name doesn’t show.

  • when a delivery flight arrives, why does it have a full turn round proces…? Surely should not be unloading passengers etc.

  • IAD terminals/piers, why can’t we mix n match stand sizes more, so we could have S M L X on the same pier, like most airlines have in most airports in the USA? My airline parks on 3 different piers currently.

Thanks for thoughts and feedback…


Hey JaffaPix welcome to the WoA Community Forum

The reply is only based on my thoughts, official answer may vary

why isn’t the unlocked … unlock them?
It’s like that so that you play more and earn them, every game is like this to keep you playing more…

what arent some … even unlock?
Some liveries simply doesn’t look good on some planes, it’s hard to get a design to fit everything… Just like shirts it works for you but it looks horrible for some others wearing it

why don’t you get the … name doesn’t show.
Maybe you’re running the older update, in the new update you can see everything… Including the Airline and the Flight No. and Plane Model…

when a delivery flight … unloading passengers etc.
if you meant Freighter / Cargo Flights… There is 2 reasons, first being the game base design… They would need to recode it just for the CG Planes (which they may at some point). Also it’s not passengers, it’s first picking the old crew and then dropping off new crew hence it 2 seconds for both (this is what I think but it’s unnatural ik)

IAD terminals/piers, … 3 different piers currently
I currently don’t have IAD, so I can’t answer that. But I’m sure it’s only because of taxing limitations

Name of airline on the aircraft in your fleet…!
Only seen on my SF340 so far.
I have the latest version/update already thanks.

Delivery flights… not CARGO flights.
(Yes I know a crew bus comes to cargo flights…)
Why passengers off and full turn round for a DELIVERY FLIGHT arrival.

As for liveries, sorry don’t agree… if you pay for a livery it should be available on all passenger aircraft… imho


A question for the next update they will put more destinations Lantin America of M ?

Names on all planes- under the consideration list and will more than likely happen

Passengers on delivery flights - wanted to keep consistent coding with arriving aircraft doubt it will change

Livery unlock- nope i disagree, while I do believe all the liveries should be Available across all aircraft, they should only unlock when you unlock that aircraft and for that specific one only. I see no issue with the current system apart from the availability of options

IAD piers - nope not how it works. Very few gates out there can offer s to XL options. Some could extend to L maybe…
They added the S/M and L/X options which is fine for managing most fleets including my own which at IAD is pretty large. Other priorities right now so I doubt this will change anyway and if you feel so strongly email the devs and they will tell you.

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I hope the developers consider making this an option, and not mandatory for all aircraft.

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