Aircraft Maintenance In WOA 2.0

Could anyone explain me what have changed in game aircraft maintenance system. Where can I see maintenance status (e.g. how many miles remains till next maintenance)? What are the costs? etc… Maybe someone could drop a link with description of in-game aircraft maintenance after update?

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I dont think anyone knows to be honest as this part of the game seems missing in fact :slight_smile: Not sure if it will be released with first hotfix that is … well soon :slight_smile: - i personally doubt this will adress some bugs that needs to be fixed fast.

Guys, I think maybe I get it:
There are visible maintenance status of your personal aircraft (with all additional data) when you press on the button with aircraft class on the aircraft card (on this screen that would be L)
Not sure about maintenance decreasing with distance, however, I think that I saw, that this rate could be improved, if a landing mini-game passed flawlessly

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The hanger definitely needs a fix, however in the meantime you can find it when you click on the aircraft size icons (S) on the left of the plane card. When you do that, the blue box shows up and at the bottom are the maintenance prices.

I believe each cycle is 100 flight hours. First check (A) is the small check price, B is the big check price . C is small and D is big. There is also the selling value of the plane at the current point in time.
What I do not know is whether you will still get silver planes after C. Something tells me no, but I don’t have that information to tell you

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for perfect landing you get 1 hour back :slight_smile:


On the other hand, the SP is comparably easier to get in 2.0 than before. But the plane price is also significantly got-up now. Some of contracts need both SP & wollar to unlock.

Contracts only need silver planes if you do not have that star rating (2 for Regional and 3 for International) which you gain by completing the appropriate reward levels.
Once you achieve the stars, they switch to Wollars only.
Moral of the story, save your silver planes, stick with the local contracts and build up.

Thx. I got it!!!

Dear Andy , I found that I don’t get rewards every time when I handle airplane. what is the reason?

You only get rewards when you complete the appropriate number of trips for that contract.
First contract is always 1 (usually get the reward after you handle the aircraft for the first time)
Once completed you upgrade to 2 trips and you get the reward after the 2nd trip (bigger reward), complete that and you move to 3 and so on. The maximum is 10 trips between rewards.

If you fail a contract (aircraft is delayed) you can either use silver planes to correct it to on-time. Or continue and hope you handle the subsequent aircraft on-time. If you end up in the yellow on the meter, you will be asked to extend the contract (repeat the level) but you won’t get the rewards until you do it correctly (green).
If you end up in the red on the meter your contract could be cancelled by the airline

Hope this helps

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Woah thanks for telling how the contracts work…I actually delayed a couple of planes to see what happens and nothing happened…but now that I read this i think its gonna come back to bite me

Does anybody know is there any end of life for players airplanes? What will happen after Large Check?

Value of aircraft will redice as flight hours increase. Eventually aircraft will be worth 0 Wollars and effectively will be scrap value,

What will happen to aircraft when it’s value will become 0? Will it dissappear or remain in game with zero value? There are airplanes like A124 in LEJ, which can be obtained only with premium pass, but can’t be bought for wollars.

Will remain at zero and effectively scrap value like it used to be in V1