Aircraft not selling

Sold a 757 at INN and received the gold planes, but the aircraft is till part of my fleet and hasn’t sold. Still in hangar and fleet management tab just has a buffering circle on the gold plane icon.

may be you will recieve double the golden planes due to your Internet connection :joy: :joy:

Nothing to do with my internet, and I received the two gold planes. If only I could it keep giving me gold planes! :laughing:

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Does that remove from the maintenance list of your fleet?

No. Logged back in after a while and it’s gone.

If you haven’t, then golden planes for days.

same problem here, waiting clock is turning but it doesn’t disappear. You get your goldies for selling it but you have to handle the plane and send it away

I just left the game and let it be for a bit. Seemed to work.