Aircraft restoration missions

Here’s an idea for an aircraft restoration mission.

There’s some vintage aircraft parked at Prague, so I thought that they should be able to be restored for your fleet.

You could do missions, such as flying a specific route a specific amount of times. For example, to unlock or earn a free Concorde for your own fleet at Prague, a possible achievement could be to handle 50 Prague - London Heathrow flights.

For Nagoya it could be the 787-8 at the Flight of Dreams exhibit, so 25 Nagoya - Seattle flights.

I’m not sure about how this could work at other airports, but a historic visit or the first flight from that airport could work.

It’s a dumb idea I came up with in 5 minutes, but I think it would be cool for veteran players that really have nothing else to do.


Would sure be nice to have that plane in our fleet.


Not dumb idea… I love this idea

I like small side missions, makes the game a tiny bit more interesting


An option for Prague, to unlock the DC-2, could be “Handle 15 Prague - Vienna aircraft” and “Handle 15 Prague - Berlin aircraft”, as the very first international flight to Prague airport was a Douglas DC-2 that flew on the Vienna – Prague – Berlin route.