Airforce Bases in WoA

Since we have got Military Planes in WoA would it actually be Cool if Airbases would be added to WoA


There are a couple, Norfolk in particular, but apparently that’s got temporarily pulled due to a big. When San Diego shows up you might see a few.
Also on the aircraft consideration list are the C5 and C17, so worth voting for them to move them up the planning chain a bit

I see a problem here. Airbases do not appear on Bing/Google Maps so you can not really make them “accurately”.

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Is IT possible military operated airfields to add that allow civil Planes for example

  • trapani-birgi airport in italy
  • eindhoven airport in the Netherlands
    I think there are a lot more examples
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There are enough civil airports in the world. I don’t see why we should use a military air base to handle civil airplanes. Unless you’d like to send some F16 to bomb another players air base :grin:
But I don’t think this was the intention to develop this game.


Haha! I agree I don’t think that will be the case. (Unless… Expect a few B-52s heading to you. :rofl:)

No violence and carpet bombing planned as far as I am aware :slight_smile:


What about unexpected visitors from Area 51? :laughing:

We have aliens from reviewers banning release for “screenshots”. No additional aliens needed today :smiley:


Haha :laughing:

Love to have that one! It is a major NATO base where the new jointly owned A330 MRTT’s are stationed. Eindhoven Airport will have 5 of them. All types of military cargo planes are regular visitors.

Lot’s of civilian planes too.

To update

  • Kdc10
  • Hercules 130
  • gulfstream v
  • a330 mrtt
  • dornier 228


  • 737-800 m
  • a320 m
  • private jets like Dassault Falcon s
    Fokker planes

Köln-Bonn Intl would also be a Good idea or since it’s Both Military and International Airport or we could have RAF Brize Norton Cargo and Military Both

Ramstein AB is operated by Military and Cargo Operations

I know a few such as Warner Robbins AFB appear on google maps.

Ramstein AB does appear on Google maps the French and Belgium Airforce ones are mostly censored

For NGO:

  • Misawa AB, JP (MSJ/RJSM) has C-130s pass through
  • Yokota AB, JP (OKO/RJTY) has C-130s based there; C-17 stopover
  • Hickam AFB (HIK/PHIK) in HI has a fleet of C-17s based there (yes, shares a boundary with HNL).
  • Kadena (DNA/RODN), different than Okinawa (OKA/ROAH)
  • Osan AB (OSN/RKSO) C-130s & C-17s
  • Anderson AFB, Guam (UAM/PGUA) C-130s & C-17s

For PRG:

Orleans-Bricy/Evéreux-Fauville: French and German C-130s

Mildenhall: C-17 Stopover and C130 Orgin

Kekscemet: NATO C-17s and VIP A319

Stuttgart: C-17 and C-130 Stopover

Cologne: GAF ACJ319

Eindhoven: Dutch C-130s

Aalborg: Danish C-130s

Linz: Austrian C-130s

Oslo: Norwegian C-130s

Saragossa: Spanish C-130s

Moron: USMC C-130s

Satenas: Swedish C-130s

Elefsina: Greek C-130s

Kbely: Czech A319VIP