Airline from india

Can you make spice jet , go air first and akasa air, jet Airways from India airlines

which airports you have unlocked till now ?? coz you cant find indian airline in INN

I have unlocked till iad and purchase LHR but only Air India , VISTara and indigo airlines are shown rest is not showing

yeah because the other airlines which you said dont have range to reach IAD,BRI so it wont show as they own M planes

unlock MCT for other airlines

If I unlock Mct then all Indian airlines will show



One more thing if i uninstall game and again re install…so I will get from i have left or will have to start a new beginning

only if it is linked to game center or google play

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If you are connected to Game Center/Google Play, yes it will keep


I know you are bringing Sydney airport but please make sure you should bring up next New update New Delhi airport and make blue dart airline too

Delhi is on indefinite hold because of issues with new unity runtime policy.
And there is a separate thread for (new aircraft and liveries-asia)you can post it there .


Delhi won’t be happening anytime soon

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