Airline-Name on the plane

As I progressed through INN, I received an SF34 and unlocked my livery from the old version.
It’s great that the name of my airline is now displayed on the plane!

Now I have also bought an E190 (which was already unlocked in the old version). There, however, the airline name is not displayed on the plane.
What is the reason?

Names on aircraft is a long awaited feature, but it sounds like the devs plan to update all older aircraft models before implementing this. Unfortunately we’ll have to wait, and I couldn’t tell you how long. Only the B744, SF34, DHC6, and B773 are at current quality standards, so it may take a while.

The SF34 already had the players names in the older version of the game. That’s no new feature.

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Yea the name plate on the airplanes only applies to the new models featured in 2.0. Once they revamp the old models, I’m sure they’ll add that feature to it.