Airlines south america

When we will see, some airline of south america, LATAM, AVIANCA, AEROLINEAS ARGENTINA, CONVIASA ETC

One day we might, if we do it’ll probably be with a South American airport but keep checking the forum for the latest updates!

Currently there are 40+ liveries in “queue” for developement… adding 50-60-70 others will not make that comming any faster.

Handful of things in progress. Patience :slight_smile:

Okay, and does the fokker 100 already have any predictions?

Fokker 100 is not planned currently. B747 A350 A220 and few more. Maybe some day but there wont be any huge demand for it as it is S-plane … I guess.

It can’t be S, it has to be M, remembering that it carried up to 122 passengers, greater than the e190 and even some old 737s.
A beautiful aircraft to differentiate from other planes.

not criticizing, I love the game more in my opinion should focus more on different aircraft, old DC10 and MD11. FOKKER 100 and FOKKER 50, 727, A300 , A310 etc …
now put a220 a350 is all similar to the ones in the game.
there are no different varieties of aircraft, you know, it’s all the same type of tail, the same type of turbine.

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look at the varieties of aircraft in this photo

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I guess the views on this may vary. I’d rather like to see actual aircraft operating than having “old metal” :innocent:

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Is there a way the community can help? E.g. if there are players that can work with 3D animating software would it be possible that they can send you the liveries so that devs can focus more on the game?


That was just an example (liveries are easiest part in WoA).I was thinking the same with liveries but “painting” them is just one small side of new scheme implementation process :slight_smile:

Putting apart sharing custom made 3D models is not what devs like to do I guess.

You’re asking a bit too much considering this game is not even 1/2 year old from his official release…
Give devs some time and they will eventually start to make the aircrafts fleet even more variable.