Airplane views and controlling them

If there would have be airplane views like cockpit view, window view, tail view etc. The real atc wouldn’t go inside a plane, that is not realistic at all, but still views could be a nice idea. And, like the real ATC, we could control them like hold, line up, land, go around, pull over etc. Would sure be nice to add these.(I will also go to holiday so I would not be online for the next two days)


I think the purpose of this game is handling planes at airports, not air traffic controlling.


Yeah there’s Unmatched ATC for air traffic control. It’s a LOT harder to advance in that game but it’s a good ATC sim.

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If you are unhappy with the devs of WOA, you do not want to play UATC. It’s unbelievable what stunts they pulled…


What do you mean by this?

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Just look at the they update released in 2019. That’s when I stopped playing UATC.

It really annoys me when WoA and UATC are compared. You really can’t. WoA is handling, UATC is ATC.

I honestly don’t know what you mean, it’s fine to me… But yeah, I agree. These two games shouldn’t really be compared.

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Something like releasing an update, which makes the game unplayable for some and go on holiday. And a year later they still are.


It is a good ATC sim. I used to play it but by level 5 at 1st airport, I did not have enough money to buy the stands.

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Putting ATC into the game also would make it even more fun, as everybody probably knows when you start handling large amounts of aircraft at your airport you may not have enough time to go back and forth from ground handling to ATC, love to see it though!

Look who’s come out with an update just a few days ago! Willing to give it another shot now that it is updated? (Obviously WOA takes priority…)

Absolutely NOT! After installing the update all my airports, planes and money was gone. And that was substantial, I can say after playing for years.

Deleted the game and continue merrily with WOA.

I did that about 2 years ago, and I do not regret it whatsoever. It’s disgusting that UATC are forcing people to join their stupidly expensive VIP program just to access the new airport. If that doesn’t put people off then I don’t know what will.

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The VIP program in that game is ridiculous and not worth it in the slightest. Camera angles, multiplayer and a special airport. Sorry but no, not suckering me into that. Although i will say. No ads…. So I can understand the thought process there.

I downloaded the new update and apart from a new GUI, updated graphics and a few tweaks here and there. It’s pretty much exactly the same.Even with Covid that’s a tough return after 2 years.

WOA does look at the game for ideas. I am a fan of the longer landing and departure sequences. Plus the ability to select runways and thank god finally the ability of turn off the emergencies. I will play it a bit just for kicks, but WOA has surpassed it overall and with the way our devs are working through new stuff, the gap will get bigger


Agreed, now I think about it, I dont like that game either. Reasons have been siad by @ukplanespotter757 and @OldDog01.

Yall have your own opinions, and so do I so I may as well share mine
Yes I was a little sad that the progress was reset but I was never far in the first place
The new ui and taxing system that I can choose how they taxi is very nice and the way they reworked the jet ridges and the way they interact with larger (a330, 767 etc) planes is much more polished
And finally I can see emergencies, I enjoy those thouroghly, except during a rush hour

Tbh, the progress wasn’t reset I don’t think… I still got my airports and the respective take-offs from the airports.

It was reset a day or two after the update for me.