Airplanes stuck after handling is done

Hi guys, after the today’s update the planes that were on the apron before the update (that still have registrations instead of flight numbers) do not taxi to runway. They stay in the stand without any movement. Since I had a full apron of planes, I am stuck completely… Check the screenshot. And I was only 4k pax short of unlocking PRG :wink:


Same as in IAD.

Same at all airports, I’ve managed to send a couple of my own aircraft out however

I think tthose arent sending because theyre from before the update

Same here, but an ATR has been able to take off after a while on my INN

I switched to INN where I had a couple of empty stands and the “old” (pre-update) aircrafts are stuck, but all the new ones arrive and depart without any issues. So we just need a solution for clearing the apron of the “old” aircrafts.

I have the same issue… which blocks several L & X stands at IAD & NGO

Same here. I have 5 aircraft ready to taxi and they’re just stuck.

Yes you all have the same :slight_smile: because there is some hotfix comming (already sent to google / IOS probably a little bit later).

Perfect opportunity to have some sort of day off from gaming.


This happened to me twice today. I’ve heard it’s because they’re old planes from the old game. I just deleted and reinstalled my app and it fixed the problem.

I actually like the update because it gives new challenges.

However, when a Player plane comes in and I service it, the Plane sits there with no money paid and not taxi-ing.
I have closed out before and come back to find it still sitting.
I even uninstalled and reinstalled the game and it is still sitting there.