Airplanes under Contract Admin not adding up

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I was not sure if I should put this under a bug or not, but has anyone else noticed that after the most recent update after handling a plane we do not always get credit for it? I have literally clicked finish handling on the planes card and watched the little plane under Contract Admin flash the same solid colored airplane and now give me a new one to add to my tally. This is the same for my own aircraft and contracted planes. So for instance lets say I am on 2 of 7 handling an aircraft towards my next reward. I will click finish handling and the second plane will flash and not reward me with a third. I know our planes are a bit different with rewarding but it does it with all planes. I also noticed we are not being rewarded for the mini games such as parking. This is also across all airports! Its most common once you get into the thirdish category of the planes rewards. Any advice guys?

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you can send this to the devs, but you only get the rewards for mini-games if you handle them perfectly. As for the additional plane, I would need to go back and check, but I think it adds the plane when the handling is complete, not when you hit the button for finishing handling (a technicality I know), because if you run out of time, it will change to red before you do it. If it’s doing something different to that, you can have the devs look at it, but as far as I can tell it is working correctly, the easy way to check is when you get to the 10th handling on a player plane, as it will come in with 9, and then the final handling is 10 and then it will give you all the rewards.

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Thanks for the response! How do I send to the devs, I am new here. As far as the mini games I will get 100% on all three categories and still not get the 1XP point. Its just very confusing. It appears as if the counter towards the rewards is extremely wishy washy with whether it works or not. This needs to be more cut and dry. Its also harder to track when you have over a hundred contracts and your planes are seasoned.

I do see what you mean by the “finishing handling” not being the true measurer of finishing the plane and counting towards your reward but I have watched the plane taxi away without change towards the rewards counter. It will still be 2 out of 7 just the same as when it first landed as it taxis away.
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This is the right one:


As I suspected because I did my own confirmation tonight.
The aircraft gets checked when the final passengers have boarded. The finish handling button just confirms it. This is to allow you to change a delay to an on time using the contract manager function. This is not a bug and the thread will be closed as a result

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