Airport at a Halt - INN & BRI Bugs

In both INN and BRI, planes just stop taxing and/or taxing off & landing and sometimes L Planes in BRI park in funny ways…

  1. I forgot to take a picture of the issue from BRI (I’ll try and recreate), but here is at INN!

E190 wants to push back but waiting for the B142F to taxi
But B142F is waiting for the E190 to push back

A total “no u first” situation

  1. At BRI, after a A340 landed, all of the planes at taxi in queue to take off stopped, and all the planes in queue to land also stopped
    (Forgot to take a picture)

Courtesy of Kamau79 in the comments section

It also seems to be happening in IAD Airport

  1. While at BRI we have a B777 parked like this… Just wait and watch for the engines to start-up, those Stair Cars aren’t gonna have a good time

Anyway, horrible jokes aside, they only way to fix it is to exit the Airport (tap the blue button on top left and tap on “Main Menu”) and load the Airport again. It should fix the issue*

* Player Connection / Fleet Plane Timer breaking may or may not be included

Awaiting part 2 of this bug fix


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I second this. It is happening at my BRI as well. This is a bad bug as it affects player connections.

I have found thar this happens after an L plane lands at BRI… Nothing else lands even when the runaway is clear. You then need to exit and reload for landings to resume again. This is bad for player connections which are 0:00 after having to do this a few time.

There is also the weird parking issue. This needs to be addressed as it is ruining playability.

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Rel. 1.30.1 fix deals with those.


Still having issues with A340’s blocking way at BRI. Plane that leaves is stuck because of the A340, then the A340 can’t leave because waiting for the other L to clear.
INN has major issues still as well. As seen below:

Pushing back planes get stuck waiting for taxiing planes to pass.
Taxiing planes get stuck waiting for pushback planes to push. >.<


Yes. I Have this problem as well.