Airport from india

I know that Delhi airport is in indefinite hold…can you try another airport such as Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad or Ahmedabad.

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They would have the same issues as DEL, so unlikely


That means from india no airport will be there in future

I know they would love to do an airport there, but the economics of doing so right now make it very difficult to move ahead. I might be proven wrong, but it’s my understanding of the why

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unity updated its controversial runtime policy in september after that no developers have raised concerns about that atleast according to media. the new policy charges 0.25 per install or 2.5% of games revenue.Unity says if a developer takes the 2.5% option and the revenue share works out to more than what the Runtime Fee would have been (based on the developer’s self-reported new users), it will bill the lesser amount. and per install charges for devs on Pro or Enterprise licenses who upgrade to new version of Unity 2024
so i think these devs have capability to do indian airports with the new policy

my personal opinion🙂

Sources :
Unity kills Runtime Fee for Personal users, offers rev share for others |
Unity CEO Jim Whitehurst tackles the Runtime Fee farrago one last time | Pocket | PGbiz

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Hope you will stick to it and bring new delhi airport