Airport list

Just a proposal for the way the airports are in order

San goes where Prague is, Washington where San is, and Prague where Washington is, I feel this would fit better.

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There in order from the way they all were released

Ok, but I feel this would be better for the feel

The order is base on playable airports from first (Innsbruck) to future after Leipzig…etc

I’m aware of that, this thread is pre-muscat though, I still feel the changes would be better but I’m used to it at this point

Agreed. Maybe you could put LEJ in between SAN and BRI so the order would be:

Lej I beleive is fine where it is due to the massive size of the overall airport

My question is the sort order for destination airports. I understand the top airports are playable. Then, the sort order is ISO-3166 country code list. What baffles me is the sort oder within each country. In South Africa (ZA), JNB is listed before CPT. In the US, it’s like a free-for-all:

'murica lol
I never really thought much of that

I think you should be able to customise it so you ha eit the way you want, as I would want the airports I use the most (NGO and IAD because they are my highest unlocked airports) at the front/left and the unused ones at the back/right