Airport Prague

Hello, I think the airport is pretty good, but I notice one serious thing: the airport has 2 runways, why is only one used? Is this a bug or will it be unlocked at some point because I bought the airport specifically for it with money so that I have 2 runways but can only use one and it would be very helpful to be able to choose whether runway 1 is only for landings and runway 2 are only for starts. And I can also decide this there with the (APPROACH) and (DEPATURE). It would be really good if you could tell me what exactly is going on, and I would be happy if it isn’t in the game yet that it can be added as quickly as possible.

No it isn’t a bug, the devs have said why, I think it is because they don’t do it in real life. Also intersecting runways isn’t a feature yet


yes, but that’s a shame because I paid extra money to have 2 lanes and that’s very disappointing

Look I know it has 2 runways but 1 it’s not a bug and 2 that’s how it works in real life adding a 2nd runway is actually unsafe.


they use the other runway in special occasions, saw a 777 land there last year

you cant pay extra to have 2 lanes

Yes, that’s true, that would be dangerous, but is there another airport in the game with 2 lanes? that also work?

IAD has one landing and one departure runway in game (parallel). I haven’t played the others, but from what I hear I assume Heathrow will also have two active runways (parallel).
When there’s non-parallel runways, it’s usually because there are two different predominant wind directions, so one or the other is used based on the best headwind/least crosswind.

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So this means you can use both runways at this airport at the same time? or how is it divided

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Yes. Simultaneously. The Central runway (West most of what is rendered in-game) 19C is for landings. The East most, 19L, is for takeoffs. In the future we might have 19R for dual landings with 19L, and maybe even use of runway 30/12, but that’s just wishful dreaming right now. It would take a complete rework of the code from the sounds of it.

Thank you very much!!!

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