Airport Runways

Majority of the airports in the game have more than one runway. It would be best if both runways can do both landing and departure on the same runway. I can never make my airport full and landing queue is crazy long.

Airplane should land on the runway closest to the gate selected.

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Prague will never have 2 runways operating at the same time as it doesn’t happen in real life. Other airports with 2 runways are modeled on their actual operation. Exception is IAD, but that’s because of screen space availability in the game amongst other things.

The game is not designed to have all the gates full. It’s designed around throughput. You have long queues because you are accepting planes immediately and releasing them all together. That’s how you get long lines. Balance the accepting and those will be fine. But there’s a reason why there are limited amounts of servicing equipment vs number of stands available

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Completely agree with everything you say here.
I have wondered, tho, whether it would improve the backlogs (which I don’t tend to have by the way) if they switched to landing from the other end.

I think that would only happen if they bring weather into the game more and affect the runway direction. PRG is a curious one because the taxi way design from one end to the other is very different. If you look at the other airports, the design is almost identical just swapped.
So who knows. You might well be right, but there’s a lot of coding and testing to be done. I know the devs are concerned about the automatic gate pathing they use and how a change of airport direction would influence that.

Thanks for the well thought out reply, as always!

By “automatic gate pathing” do you mean that AI algorithmically determines the gate path instead of there being a pre-programmed path to each gate? Or do you mean “automatic” in the sense of “not controlled by the player”?

automatic as in not controlled by the player. My understanding is that the pathing is pre-programmed and is then set once the gate is selected as to how the aircraft moves through the taxi ways.

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