Airport unlocking

Couldn’t find any threads to put this idea on so here it is.

As a more casual player, I think that the ways to unlock the next airport take a long time, unless you play for most of your day. I am suggesting that the number of passengers is interchangeable (where say 1 million could be 750,000 or 1.25 million) so it is easier or casual players, or harder on my dedicated players

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Should like it’s fun, would definetly help on airports such as San and the upcoming SXM as I imagine that will be hard to get 1 mil
And lej if that uses passengers

I think it’s a very good idea because in some airports like SAN or NGO it takes a long time (it takes longer in NGO, that airport is too boring)

Do you mean San was boring, ngo was easy to get the 1 mil imo

Nagoya was difficult, it seemed more difficult to me than in SAN I don’t know why

I haven’t passed NGO yet even though i play for an hour a day with all gates unlocked

that’s true, it takes a long time and the airport doesn’t have many routes with “special” airlines, but after seeing Nagoya you will feel very good