Airports in the future [Devs plan]

In airports selection menu there are 4 airports to come in the future that are already decided.

It will for sure take some time, but at some point, New Orleans, Nagoya, Muscat and futuristic Prague (based on real plans) will come. Of course, that will come with real connections and liveries for a specific region. Stay tuned for that.

First airport preliminarily is planned for end of November - its not yet decided which one that will be, New Orleans may be a bit problematic because there still is not good coverage on online maps for new terminal as it is currently still under construction


Can you please add Toronto??

There may be some pools in the future for players to have a say what they want - noone will confirm or decline now if Toronto Pearson (YYZ) will be in game. Those 4 will take some time to build / test and release for public.


I hope we can vote for what’s coming next for either an airplane livery or a favorite airport (e.g. Changi).


Would love to see New Orleans or Nagoya as next as the 3 we have now are all in Europe - since as mentioned MSY is still hard due to new terminal, would love to have Nagoya then.

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That was also key in picking airports - different location on world map.
We had internal discussion yesterday and New Orleans will be followed by Nagoya - both are fantastic airports so it should be good.

Additionally local traffic for those airports have different airlines and liveries so together with airports bunch of colorful planes should arrive as well.

Preliminarily 1st one can “arrive” end of November if things will go as planned.


Being from Asia I was hoping you’d say Nagoya was coming first but I don’t really mind - as you mentioned both East/SE Asia and North America has a vibrant livery landscape so would be great additions to the game.

A bit OT - Does this mean next game update will be end November or is there a chance of updates/new features coming in before the next new airport?

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Not at all updates with content (not as big as airports i.e. new planes, liveries, connections and new features will be released on a regular basis).

Today new version will be released just with couple of features but those users wish to see after release.


KLGA would be an interesting challenge in this game (small but very busy), if the game has the capability of using multiple runways.

2 active runways is not an option yet (planned for future) La Guardia serves domestic traffic first one in USA will be International airport.

Even now New Orleans is considered we still have some others on the radar. Our plan is to release it relatively quick so it is going to be fast decision.

We will announce first additonal airport as soon as its decided.

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I totally get that, and I’m not rushing you. I was just considering airports that would provide a unique challenge.

It is not a secret anymore that next airport will be Washington Dulles KIAD (IAD) with two active runways. We are also excited about that!


KSAN? Only has 1 runway?

San Diego - yes it has 1 runway. However works are in progress for IAD (airport / liveries / models) with 2 active runways as shown above.

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Please add VIE or OTP

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I Dont think they will be added fast because i have heared that the developers want on every continent first one airport.
Otp = Bucharest-Henri Coanda International Airport, romania
Vie = vienna airport, austria

Both also in europe. Already in europe yet = prg,Inn,Bari

Then they should consider an Airport in Australia. That should be fun

You mean like SYD?

Definitely SYD

It would be great to get an airport with 3 or even 4 active runways like ICN, ATL, MCO or PKX