Hello World of Airports team, I have a question as to whether an alliance would be possible in the game and how it would be applied to member players. We have a community of Brazilians and we would like to have an alliance within the game, we also have some ideas on how this alliance would work. Help us bring this addition to the game!

  1. Creation: Each and every alliance must be previously requested from the developers for creation and have a minimum number of players for its creation.

  2. Menu: have a tab (alliance) with an option to search for alliances if players are interested in joining an alliance

  3. Logo: creation of an exclusive logo to put on your airplane paintings. (example: on the vertical or lateral stabilizer of the plane)

  1. weekly or monthly events within the alliance with rewards for members. example: level: 1 (x) reward, level 2: (x) reward… and so on

  2. a general rank of all alliances in the game


It is on the to-do list and has been for years. We don’t have firm info but they’ve been talking a bunch about it in the last few months

I will soon leave some ideas here in the topic on how it would work