Alternative Aircraft B757 B767

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I’m currently compiling a list of realistic flight routes for IAD.

United often uses the B757 or B767 for long-range destinations, but only the B752 is available for middle-range destinations in the game. For those routes, you can mostly use aircraft types from the B787. What do you think is a comparable type to the B757?

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@Krankenwart We need the A321XLR or LR tried in real operation from Norwegian already.

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I’d say the closest you’ll realistically get here is the 787-8. 757s are also missing at LHR, as United use to do IAD-LHR with them so until it gets remodelled, or the 767-300 is added, your best (and to be fair the only) bet is the 787-8


Anywhere needing an A321 I use the B752 and anywhere needing a B762 I use an A332 (or A333 for B763/B764). If it’s a cargo B767 then I of course use the A306Fs. As far as alternative to even B752s… :man_shrugging:t3:

The thing with the A321 is, it might be like the 757. Some of the long haul routes end up being represented (take icelandair at IAD) but then the main bulk of them won’t be. Hopefully A321s will start to crop up as long haul contracts alongside 757s. Until the A321 is released and the 757 appears on transatlantic contracts, it’s just a game of waiting for the 767. At least player wise you have the A300 as a possible fill the gap between the 757 and 787/A330

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