Always force system to land player aircraft first

Just realized that it often takes very long until my own aircraft, or other players‘ aircraft, actually arrive at the airport.

Is it possible to change the code so that ALL player aircraft are always forced to be put on top of the list for next arrivals?


Yes I would like that is annoying aspeciali if you have small or don’t have fleet.

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Before it was like that but it was changed as it was not very logic solution. You see exactly when yoir plane is bound to land in fleetlist so simpke solution is not to spam 10-20-30 generic planes right before.

Its not emergency situation to have own plane with priority those are part of generic traffic.

Difficulty is that you can’t see whether there are more planes from your connection partner incoming or not. I usually play an airport until I have handled my own fleet + incoming player flights. It is annoying if I have to wait for 1 plane in the end.

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None of the solutions is better I guess (if someone have 70 planes and they always come in front - its kind of boring - at least i would not like to see my chain of planes whenever I am playing).

So maby do “priority button” you will manually say whean you would like plane to land first.

Well devs and myself are against as there is no reason to grant priority for regular traffic planes (and player owned planes are regular traffic planes).

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I disagree. I don‘t want to spend too much time playing the game, it‘s a game not my life and I don‘t want to play thirty minutes just to wait for an aircraft. It must appear instantaneously.

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Everyone have an opinion, not everything individual players want will be in the game - simply you can not satisfy all.

I am also not “playing” much (mainly testing new features) but saying that i tend to log for 1 or 2 airports daily and simply my planes are there ready because i do not land number of generic planes ahead of mine. And it works for me (maybe it doesnt for others).

Its not a simple change with toggle or click of a button, and we had several complains on previous solution as well (from players who also play a little and do not want to see only their own planes constantly on the airport).

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If you don’t have a bunch of aircraft in the queue, the airport is very empty, even with aircraft in queue.

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The main problem is the cool down timings, they are to long should be no more than 5 minutes, has I have a big fleet and sometimes due to the way they are landing it can take 4 plus hours to clear all my fleet, and yes due to work I sometimes only get to clear a small amount.


I haven’t seen other aircraft than mine for a while since the queue is blocked with my own generated traffic. I really have to play a lot like exactly waiting those 50 minutes to send away a bunch of A380s and then wait another 50 minutes and so on. If I’m playing just a bit during a day I generate just a big queue of A380s that even my other aircraft can’t land because the 4 holding slots are filled with A380s waiting for a free gate :innocent:

I sign this, doesn’t has to be 5 minutes but if the cooldown takes half the time it would help a lot until the dropdown option for more destination will be available.