Am I Stupid?

Hey folks how’s it going
If you have been living under a rock over the past week regarding the news thread and you might know over the past few days a few people said that my news is not news related, I might let it slide but I personally don’t find it quite that appropriate with the attack so I decided to take action to ask nicely to stop, now I do hold my hands and said that probably wasn’t the way to go I should have probably gone behind closed doors and done it but it just keeps getting worse and to be honest I think the community thing I am an idiot and I should been on the forum, but the thing is I am already stressed out from junior Cycle State Exams and the Holiday prepare only make me stressed more.
So I’m I am idiot?

Hey mate!
Firstly, I don’t like it when someone calls themselves “stupid” or an “idiot”. That just detracts from your self-worth, and I believe that it is not necessary. Secondly, as far as I’ve seen, usually your posts do in fact correlate with the News thread. The comments regarding your ‘unrelatedness’ could’ve been phrased slightly better, but I believe it was for the good of the forum in terms of keeping topics nice and tidy. I, alongside a few others, appreciates your honesty and reflection on how you handled the situation. You are one of the forum’s most active members and some members appreciates your news stories, so don’t let this discourage you. All you’ve got to think about is whether your post is relevant to the thread or not. If not, maybe find a way to make it relevant. E.g. The poll; writing some news in relation to the poll, then asking on behalf of the ‘airline’. (IMO, it seems alright since it technically carries the story of your airline).

Again, you are a valued member of the community and a very enthusiastic contributor, so just because you have had a few mistakes, that doesn’t make you any lesser of a decent human being. You can always learn from it. Even I make mistakes every once in a while, too; we all do.

All the best in your exams, and Happy Flying! :smiley:

P.s As a student who is currently undergoing my final year of high school, I truly understand your stress during the exam period. For the future, try not to be too overly stressed about external factors (including school assessments) because in the end, you will feel less stress in the lead up to them, and you can give it your all!