American 744

How do you get this american 744 in the woapedia? Its in the 744 category but it has a 748 model for some reason
Screenshot 2024-01-27 164808

I’m might be romoved I’ve hassled every plane but the B772 because it is removed


Shouldn’t be there as far as I know, it was replaced in effect by United and Delta 744s. Maybe it was kept for special arrivals.


the 772 isnt in the woapedia. Are you sure we’re talking about the same thing?

It was available in 1.0 ver, shown in B747. But AA does not have either B744 or B748.

So I guess it will no longer be a thing in the game.

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they had -100s and SPs so maybe they let ti there because one of them is coming “soon”

you could be right but the problem is its in the 744 category. And its in the new livery not the retro livery from back when they actually had 747s

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That’s what I mean, their older ones were in their classic livery.

But it may be replaced by their B747-100 model and moved under that subcat., if devs do plan to do this…

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If they were to add the 747-100 and the other older 747s, then it they would probably only be for events or that kai tak game they were talking about a couple months ago


just so they dont delete codes when 747-100 comes, i mean they wouldnt have to change much

its in the achviments in the app store


Ya but this is the woapedia