American (A319)

Awesome. Hope the IAE engine variant will be considered


Please fix that blue “American” text… it’s supposed to be in grey color :pray:

Honestly, being an AA ramp worker myself, they’re actually quite rare to the point it doesn’t bother me

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Could just be a render thing

Not really to me unfortunately . Considering American livery’s color simpleness, and the size of that Blue American text is taking a huge present in whole livery (basically there’s nothing besides of it at the front part of the body).

This has been bothering me a lot since the 77W update however I believe develop team are always willing to listen to players opinions and making a small adjustments to it.

And with that, this lively will make a big virtual difference and improvement.

Plus, they’ve made a perfect work in v2 livery with every small detail being added that why I’m looking for a adjustment

Now we are cooking

Exactly… so there’s no reason to believe why they would suddenly screw up a livery that they’ve already done several times with no issues.

I have no idea where your confident came from.
However, In fact, from that 2 preview pictures above, I can already tell they screwed it up with wrong font color (blue American text), and missing Oneworld logo next to the door which are mistakes both not found in v2 model livery.
You can make a comparison between my screenshot from WoA and the pictures posted by developer and check if what I’ve said is correct.
I’m just looking forward for them to kindly fix these 2 details for us. This would be my last reply to it thank you.

That’s exactly what I did. You’re comparing a render with how it actually appears in game and drawing a false comparison between the two. It probably appears in better quality when actually in game, as every other livery does.

Reminder. Opinions are Opinions… but if it starts going personal. Timeouts will be used. You have been warned.
If you have an issue with the color. Send it to the devs at and they will tell you if they plan to fix it or it even needs a fix based on the drawing vs game scenario.

Until that point. Consider this conversation closed.