American (B788)

Sorry to nitpick but the tail livery is a bit off.

Other than that, very nice.

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It’s been mentioned with the 789 that it’s a texturing issue and would likely stay like that

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If you’re referring to the comments on the B789, Tom is actually referring to the color of the wings, since on the real 787 they are much lighter

I don’t think that’s what Tom was referring to because someone else also mentioned on the AA -9 that the tail looked off on the bottom and Tom said that the best they can do and is how it will stay

This is the comment he responded to, you can check it:

Oh ok, my bad. I didn’t see that
Which is strange to me

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Not cause of the angle is it? as can’t really see it properly.

All good :+1:
Yeah it is strange, but personally I don’t think it’s too bad. The model still looks great.