An 225

Hy together,

my question is if I can buy the Antonov-225 yes or no?
I play at IAD, I’m max lvl (28) and with lvl 27 the AN-225 already visited me.
In one post I have read that AN-225 can be unlocked for 1mio per airport.
But I can’t find it in the menu annywhere. Only in the Hangar I can watch it bur no buy/unlock button.


We cannot unlock or buy the Antonov-225

Ok, but what does than mean, when you klick on your hangar, go to AN-225 and klick on the specification tab (left-up), there is written:
“The buying price for AN-225 for each Airport is: 1 000 000 W” ?

It’s for moderators and admins I think.

What do you mean?

it just means that is is not for us :joy:

It is already projected that it will be 1mil cost.

Ahhh ok.
Its in planning but not introduced yet.

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Ok, thanks a lot guys. So i can spend my money for the A380 for now. :smiley:

it may enter the game one day, but the size of it even within the game mechanics is not easy to manage with all the other pieces of code that interact with it, that’s why it was only a reward at a couple of airports. Plus in reality there’s only 1 anyway. So it might get added, but I suspect it may be limited to 1 purchase only. Time will tell. But that’s my understanding


There are tried tot build 2 of Them. Is it possible that player can only own 1 an225 in total. Whem you sell OR destruct for example in prg its possible to buy new one in iad OR nrg or prg OR san

Ok. Thanks to all.
I Hope it will find the way in the game on day.
It‘s a cool A/C and I want it in my Fleet. :slight_smile:

Uhh you can purchase infinite 747’s or Saabs so…

yeah and how many of those were sold in real life. I’m going to hazard a guess at way more than 1. So no, I very much doubt you are going to be allowed to purchase infinite 225’s. As I mentioned, the coding for them in the game is difficult due to their relative size compared to everything else.

Could I be proven wrong? Sure, it’s the devs call of course. But I am not sure the game play would work well with a fleet of 50 225’s showing up.


Ha ha yeah, won’t be touching those. Mind you I suppose once it’s in the landing queue you won’t be able to get rid of it. Hopefully they won’t release it :grinning:

I Hope they will introduce it, but limited to one per Airport.