Has anyone unlocked the AN12?
How are its profits?

Why always short distance more money than long distance in WoA, I thought for LEJ they will fix this issue, but apparently not.

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Must admit, that’s pretty good revenue considering how cheap the AN-12 is.

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Is that better than the 738F or the C130 in terms of price and revenue?

But if I am right, keep in mind that the AN-12 has fewer miles to maintenance and the repair is more expensive. Worse for those who want to earn money, better for those who want to farm.

The AN12 is a pretty good cargo plane & is certainly far superior to the C130. All the M cargo’s earn pretty much the same, except the 757, so basically your looking at the cost to run it. It isn’t expensive to repair, maintenance is a percentage of the base cost of the aircraft & as the AN12 is the cheapest then the maintenance will be the cheapest of all the medium cargo’s. Its true the mileage is quite a lot less than the jets but I’m not sure if that is slightly offset by being cheaper to run. The B734F is probably the best in my opinion as its cheap, fast & earns practically the same as the B738F but tbh I just usually go off the model I like & the livery I can slap on it. Both the AN12 & B734F are good for that :grinning:


The logic in the game is that Cargo will always be full. Fuel prices change and increase the further away the destination. So that is why Cargo planes are better short distance.