Announcement: Player airline name on fuselage

According to the google translation of this facebook message, the developers are planning to put the player airline name on the fuselage of the player fleet.

Check this message

Translated by google:


Hi, I have a question for developers. Having my own fleet, isn’t it thought that the planes could have the name of the fleet on the fuselage, for example the player’s nickname? And to LKPR And not only there) the direction of landing or even the runway could change from time to time

World of Airports

We plan to name the airlines on the fuselage. Not turning the direction of the landing yet. At least until the travel and parking system is 100%.


Wow! I just read this and I am really happy about our names on the Fuselage. It’s gonna be really cool to see how it can be implemented with the livery’s currently. Thanks for sharing!



Certainly sounds interesting! I would love to brand my airline with something that isn’t my username.


I figured people could write anything for an gold plane or have there User for free.

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Idk if anyone else has noticed but @DuneCrawler is always the person on here that handles questions and posts in other languages and translates them for us. :joy:

I have noticed, it is kinda funny how no one else really handles questions.

@DuneCrawler thanks for providing answers and translations whenever you can!
I try answering questions yet 10% of the time I am wrong,

You are all welcome, and @AviaWilliam, I also get it wrong too sometimes :wink:

If this comes true, I also hope we can choose the name ourselves. DroningSalsa2358 is not an inviting airline name. Recently I have been experimenting with a textlogo for my “OrangeAIR” airline company. This looks currently like this:
Orange air 1332x836
It resembles my “stripes” livery.


@OldDog01 Do you think the logo will be a picture we can pull from gallery or something we just write in plain text on the plane?

Would be nice if the player could upload a picture


I have no idea how the devs implement this. My logo is “pure” text, based on the Freestyle script font. So if it’s text-only it can be used as such.

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