Another Cargo AN12 available from BRI

I have an AN12 (Medium Cargo) available from BRI for contracts to LEJ or PRG. Drop your username if you’d like it. More to come soon.

USERNAME vsbmotors18

nice !!
for the first time i will be handling AN12

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Fueling up and will coming your way soon.

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Kaseyap LHR

Requested an SF35 from INN @vsbmotors18

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@Kaseyap AN12 can’t reach LHR from BRI. When I have another one available at INN, I’ll send it to you at LHR.

Another AN12 at BRI available to connect to players at LEJ or PRG.

Im checking PRG every other day.

@Kaseyap Sounds good. I’ll send one to you at PRG in a few minutes.