Another Livery Question

OK I think I have read all the livery posts on here but I am not satisfied; It looks like it is going to cost me very rare and hard to get gold planes in which I have already wasted three of them in a stupid move. So the questions about the livery’s include;

  1. Do you have to pay for each airplane (gold plane) to unlock and use
  2. Can you do an actual custom paint job on your plane or is it paint by numbers template
  1. Yes, unless they are unlocked by the game play, you have to unlock them by earning or buying GP’s.

GP’s are hard to come by because its the only revenue source for the devs, so they would really like you to pay for some if you can.

  1. It’s currently paint by numbers, so you unlock the liveries you want to pick from and either use the given color palette or pay 1GP for any hex code for a color you want to use

Just to clarify a player has to pay one gold airplane for each of his or her own planes already bought that they want to paint, and pay an additional gold plane to use the hex codes for picked colors.



it’s a one time GP though, so once you have bought the hex code you can use it on any plane with no further charge.

But a gold airplane for each airplane you want to paint though, correct

ok, let me break it down

Purchase Plane Type for example: A350 - one time payment of GP, unlocks for all airports
Purchase Livery for A350 - one time payment of GP per livery unlocks for all airports and all A350’s previously purchased but active even if they currently have different liveries, meaning you can switch them at will back and forth.

Purchase Hex Codes for any color - this can be used on any aircraft owned whether it;s A350, A380, E175 etc. Cost 1GP per hex code, one time fee.

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double and triple ouch!
T.Y. commander carlsberg for the breakdown

When unlocking an aircraft with GPs, will it unlock the Snow White livery, even when one of the other liveries are highlighted, or can you unlock the other liveries straightaway?

As Snow White is free I believe that is the case. Although for planes already unlocked you have to go back and unlock Snow White if it’s available.

Yeah, I wanted to get the basic livery but it ended up unlocking the snow white one on its own.