Another problem with this update

When the plane is ready for take off the timer continues to decrease.

Screenshot_20200710-135212 Screenshot_20200710-135232

This forces you to almost immediately send the plane to take off (especially S planes), which causes a lot of traffic …

I don’t know if this is a bug or changes that came with the update but i think they could reverse this, it just makes the gameplay more uncomfortable.

That’s the the new update. Can’t fill up planes with passengers and food and fuel and let it sit around. The planes now must leave !!

Thats new feature - auto departure when plane is ready - It happens automaticaly now. See details here: REL 1.25.5 - Changelog

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They must be handled anyway. If you complete handling timer continue till end. But no influence on bonus. You can send plane during remaining time based on your decision but if It reach end of timer and is handled leave stand automatically.

I thought it was always like that