Antonov 225

my suggestion is to make the AN 225 buyable soon.
Or to make a gift for each player with one AN225.

In memory of the destroyed one in the actual war. It would be a nice move, so we can keep here ingame this wonderful A/C flying.


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Making it buyable seems a bit optimistic. But maybe it could get a watersalute everytime you get it.

It’s been talked about before about being buyable, highly doubt it will be gifted for free

I know that the options are discussed several times.
But I think, so far the situation changed in the world, and the largest A/C in the world is destroyed, it would be a big honor for all players here, to be able to own at least 1 AN 225 to keep it alive.

I assume that once the war is over, the Hostomel destination will reopen with the 225 so I wouldn’t think it’s a huge rush

Was the AN225 one of the regular arrivals from GML? I thought it was just a special for level 30.

At a handful of Airports yes

There’s a hi-res photo of what’s left of the 225, on Wiki:

Antonov An-225 Mriya


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