Antonov AN-225 Mriya

Sorry but is the AN-225 avaible in the game?

Not to purchase. No. It is available as a reward and routes from its home base.

Only available for routes at iad, ngo, and mct, reward only at lej and has reward at listed airports

To be clear, by “reward”, they mean that when you hit a certain level at an airport, one of the special visitors will be the AN-225. You then can watch it land and taxi and you service it and send it on its way.

However, at some airports, you can unlock it as an arrival like any other destinations. You’ll pay 50,000 wollars but it’s still pretty cool to see it stroll in every once in a while and spend a good half an hour at the airport because of just how long it takes to unload and reload the plane.

It’s actually 100k wollars but yea


Thank you. I thought of the AN-125 arrival and forgot it was more.