Any help


Have been on Nagoya for a while now (4 months) and can’t seem to get enough passengers to get to San Diego. Anyone have any ways to help? (I had a similar problem at IAD took 7 months to progress)

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I recommend disabling all S/M arrivals and focus on handling L/X arrivals. Be sure to have enough arrivals to fill all your L/X stands and a few spare.

Do that and grind for a couple hours everyday for a week or two and you’ll unlock the next airport.

See now I would think having s/m with that would to get extra passengers, but maybe I’m wrong, and I also beleive it doesn’t fully disable arrivals as of s recent update I maybe be wrong

Actually, my real strat to unlocking airports was only handling Xs using the infinite arrival bug to grind 1mil pax in a week. But that’s not possible anymore.

Also, it’s still possible to disable every single arrival. I have every arrivals on all of my airports disabled.

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Huh, alright

You can’t disable the L arrivals from MCT at BRI or the L arrivals from LEJ at NGO for instance.

Thanks everyone for your advice :smiley:

It will if the l and x stands are all full