Any plans of an Indian Airport in the future?

I have been playing this game since a long time now and absolutely in love with the game! I had a query actually - is there an Indian airport which we can see in the near future ? Maybe Mumbai or Delhi!
Would love to hear on it. Thank you! God bless you all!!

Such info is known only for devs. But personally I think that its considered. But due to closness of MCT rather in not near future.

We have very little airports in Asia (if we exlude the Middle East/MCT) and a lot of players seem to be annoyed at the small amount of destinations for NGO. So I think India (and any other asian airport) would have a pretty good chance. We already got a lot of european airports and with SXM the americas seem to get an additional airport. If the devs keep the trend of staying in the nothern hemisphere Asia has a good chance.

We will see what future brings.
NGO doesnt have small amount of connections in my opinion.

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