Any tips for PRG airport?

So, I plan on getting PRG in a bit. What should I do to start? Help would be appreciated.

Just improve services first, focus on the pax handling and luggage. Then gain some income to slowly unlock more advanced handling services. Untill the point those are maxed out, then get you M stands up and slowly expand


At BRI I started with Services and got 1 or 2 more S stands. Thanks! :grinning:

I used the 4 S stands your start with (and a few golden planes) and saved up for an X stand, then another until I had all 4 X stands. Using 4 X and 4 S I was able to move on to IAD.
However I still haven’t unlocked the E190 smh.

Lol, thanks for the help only 7k passengers left.

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don’t build too many S and Ms :wink:

Thanks! I started with the default S stands then purchased upgrades. Went back to Bari to get gold plane and transfer. And then purchased one M stand.