Anyone wondering if there's any new update in the future

Would love to have Malaysia Airlines 737 800, A330 New/old livery, that would be interesting.

Just wait, plus the 737 might not fit since there is no airports it could make it to
Also if you would have watched my #new features thread then maybe you would see the progress they are making

Of course it will be. Huge one.

Is there anything playable in the Top Gun San Diego update?

No, just the extra thing at san

No, I know about the Update, the question above is I was wondering, maybe not this coming Update, but the next future Update, will they add in, Malaysia Airlines 737-800 or A330-300/200?

Maybe, as for the 737 who knows when that will come as I said, no good routes


You should be pleased :slight_smile: maybe not completly but surely in half :wink: