App overheating my phone

Ever since the update the game has been crashing at least once a day and has been overheating my phone

Its a brand bew phone (a51 5g) so it cant be the phones fault

Anyone else having this issue?

yeah me too !!
heating the phone

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Im glad its not just me

My one gets heated instantly, even before the update.

Does anyone know how to get your systeem- and cpu temperature displayed in the upper right corner of an Android device?

just swipe towards the center from the corner

That is the display. My question is with which setting in Android the values appear there.

My phone is fairly new too and it overheated the first time I played in the new update. But that was it, only once.

I don’t know if there is anything in the system settings that displays it but there is an app on the play store called cpu monitor that may be of help. Once it’s installed you can swipe down the screen & it tells you the cpu & battery temperature

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Thanks, this is what I was looking for.

Glad it helped :+1:

I’ve heated up, but never overheated and I’m using an s20fe

Go to settings in-game And choosen petty graphics And 50x50 resolution which Will downgrade everything signicantls but hey, you can play it like it was released in 2003-11 lol

Also ich habe ein Samsung Galaxy S20 und es wird bis zu 43°C warm

Is not from the last update.
Is from 3 or 4 updates in past.
Both my phones: old Oppo Reno and new one Xiaomi really good get warm when I play

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Bei mir wird das Handy so warm weil die GPU überlastet wird dadurch läuft es bei den großen Flughafen so unruhig.
Akku sparen reduziert bei mir wie schnell sich mein Handy erhitzt.
Ich hoffe es kommt irgendwann ein Performance Update.