Arrival clock

What is the exact count down time for the arrival clock? I feel mine is epicly slow on IAD now and just in a constant state of boosting cool down boost. And still and barely keeping the stands full.

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We definitely need better control over the arrival speedup option. After just 5-6 planes it goes into sleep mode and we have to wait for it to become active again and press it again for the boost. Its a bit annoying.

Instead could we have fixed speeds. Default, slow, medium, fast and insanity. That will definitely improve the playability of the game.

Also if there is a cycle to the boost, can we have some clock or countdown. Keep mashing the button but does not do anything.


I think this is down to what devices you are using has I know when I play on my Samsung tablet the game is very slow, but when I play on my Samsung s9 it’s quite quick

The speed of the radar depends of Your empty slots. Less empty slots You have, slower the radar.
If You have planes ready to send, send them to speed up the radar.
If You lhave just one empty slot, You will wait loooong time for the plane.

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More stands are free faster blue bar goes.

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