Arrival Control change after 2.3.3

Anyway it would be really cool to get way more options for players to have an airport of their taste. So many of us are playing WoA for so many different reasons. Why can’t you give them more gameplay options? Shouldn’t be such a big deal to add some toggle buttons in settings? There are people that like automatisation, some prefer realism, etc.

I take it as a game, a game will never be like the real flight, waiting for a plane to leave more than an hour from an airport would be complicated and the wait would be boring, because in life when A plane is attended to, it takes hours and I don’t want it. For me, it is fine as it is, the way in which the planes are attended to is only the taxiing that they abandon at the first access doors to the airport.Airport from the runway.

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The runways are realistic. Everything else that happens on the ground is sped up by 3x


This. I appreciate them attempting to constantly improve the processes like landing, but as someone that loves to play realistically, this change is throwing it off wildly. Of course I can choose to manually land planes, but I can’t nearly run my airport as efficiently and gain levels as using the arrival and departure help. Randomized or priority based landing (most recently handled last so that every plane gets equal handling) was better for me. Thankfully, the game can only land the planes I’ve already assigned gates to, and I only assign gates in order of last serviced.

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I dont think an e170 going to lhr T5 would taxi all the way to the end of the runway…


It was, because people didn’t want to have to land every single plane manually


Its not getting out of control, there is no arguments or threats. People are just respectfully stating their opinions on the game(which is kinda what a forum is for)


Actually I’m going to move this to a separate topic. Like to keep the release threads clear if I can.


It’s not necessary that every task needs to be realistic, the point is that you get to watch the plane land and move to the parking lot, it doesn’t take too much time, instead of watching the plane move like a car racing.

The most important thing for me is to manage planes, who has no contract or their contract is finished and has to be prolonged or cancelled. And i repeat my wish here again. I would like to see a change in the gameplay at the management of the Delivery manager. I would like to see a possibility to tell the delivery manager, which kind of planes i prefer to land first and which at least, by myself!!

When planes marked with the icon heart will be landed first is nice, but not helpfull. With this system now, i had to mark maybe more than 400 contracts every day, which need no further contract handling, when i want to make sure, that other planes don´t occupie my stands up to this point i get a reply to my contract request.

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I’m confused now. On the one hand you’re demanding realism and on the other hand you don’t. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Don’t get me wrong I like realism but if so I want the full set with real flight times and real handling times. In another thread I’ve suggested to get this as an optional feature for those of us that have a landing queue of 300+ airplanes. Right now you’re not able to handle all those waiting planes because those that you’ve handled arrive quicker than the others, so can’t mimimize the queue.

Another realistic thing that could be implemented is the point where planes reach taxi speed. This usually happens on the exit taxiway and not on the last third of the runway. If an earlier approach would be added also you could get way more planes into your airport and not those average of 20-25 (on stands and taxiing). I don’t want anything like high speed taxiing. Funny thing is that departure really goes quick and you’re not having any queues on 2 runway airports.


coming back to 2.3.3

This priority system for favourites, own and connection partner planes with the automatic arrival is ok but the XL to S needs to go. For those of us having many contracts it’s unplayable because you won’t see some of your M & S contracts never again (because of the problem described above).


I think the only problem with this is the priority. When you got a S&M fleet connecting short haul destination with many L & XL contract, the landing quene will stuck into a player fleet loop.

Before all player plane landed and contract plane coming in, previous departed player aircraft will return, been assigned a stand and waiting for landing. All tower task will stuck with player aircraft and my 100+ contract aircraft almost never lands untill mannunally taken control.

I think dev can give players control to mannually set priority for tower, perhaps filling the airport offline so a huge airport like LHR will not only have a dozen aircraft on the ground unless player decide to go afk for 20 minutes.


You are absolutely right. I wish realistic flight times would come back. Would solve this problem.


Or like I’ve suggested before, greatly increased handling times when using the minimum amount of handlers. Using the max amount would bring it close to where it is now with max, so it’d be a much larger range of handling times where the realism crowd AND the grinding crowd can both be happy. Lengthening flight times to 2x instead of 3x could also help while still not making it take forever.


I preferred it as it was they land in the order i allocated the stand to that aircraft and if I want to prioritise a landing I don’t use the automatic landing to get the aircraft in.

A toggle would be good to have for those that like it as well but it’s understandable that everyone can’t get the way they want.


Yea this is a change I’ve disliked, as I used to go through and assign gates to planes in the order that I wanted them to land. Now it doesn’t work like that unfortunately.

Oh well. We can adjust.

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Here are some changes that I think the devs could make to make this new system fair for everyone

1.The most obvious and probably simplest would be to make a toggle button, just to make an on/off switch in settings that toggles runway priority

2.Make it so that the delivery agent is the one that does the current order, so if you don’t want the set order but still want auto landing all you have to do is not turn on delivery.

3.Remove the XL to S altogether but keep the player arrivals to generic order

Who says no(other than the devs if they choose to)?


They hardly ever answer to those kind of questions :cry:

I also assume that they don’t know how it is to play an airport with 200+ contracts otherwise we would have seen improvements to things that have been mentioned by several players in several threads :man_shrugging:

Anyway without the arrival manager the game is unplayable with my 350 contracts and with the arrival manager in the way it works now it’s not making fun to play this game anymore for me. Scrolling through 250 waiting planes to find the one I want to land next with the menu the way it is takes so much time, it doesn’t make sense. That’s why I haven’t played since the release day of this version.


Sadly I’m in the same boat. It really screwed up the way I chose to play the game. Hopefully the add one of those three changes above, either of them will work.

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