Arrival Control change after 2.3.3



Wait, what? No!

I’d prefer not to have this because it has completely messed up my landing order in LHR. I group arrivals by terminal so that the terminals become full one at a time, but now by the time the M planes arrive the L planes have all left.

Please can we be able to toggle this feature on/off.



Mate, if you don’t agree, fair enough but for me I would prefer landing player and partner aircraft first and than anything else, for example I favourite every player aircraft therefore when they land I turn off arrivals and manually land each player aircraft until there none waiting in arrivals.
I understand that you want to separate arrivals into terminals but it’s the Devs decision and you have to respect it


I also agree with you at Ecoaviacion, since before this we had to wait too long to land our partners and with this it becomes more agile to be able to attend to their planes first,and thus dispatch them efficiently and quickly.

I agree, an option to toggle this on/off would make sense. I can see why it makes sense for a lot of people, but it doesn’t for me. I don’t want exclusively XL/L aircraft all landing in a row, I won’t have enough crew to have all of them handled… I purposely separate out the L/XL aircraft I have between M planes to make the airport look more full and to be able to handle them when they come in


I like the concept of a toggle


I like this new feature… Make the airport so busy… And now there are no crew members who are not working… because large planes come continuously… unlike before, when small planes come, they will continue to be small until the line of small ones runs out… and that will cause the crew not to work at all.

I don’t know everyone else but I found this change was quite frustating as your M and S planes were pretty much unable to get a chance to land anymore if you have enough X and L planes. Besides, you wouldn’t have enough handling staff to handle all the X and L planes at the same time and those planes ended up waiting on the stands.


I think it would have been better to put the arrivals like this First an S then I landed an M then an L and finally an X And so repeat the cycle.

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I am satisfied with this update since I have more x and L planes in my large airports and I do not move the ground M’s only to the X and L’s.

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Yeah I like that player planes land first but Im not a fan of the XL to S thing


Yeah that change is really bad. Not really the change itself but the fact that there’s no toggle. There’s no reason for there not to be one.

The whole point of adding the controller in the first place was to give players a choice. Why is that precedent going away?


Plus it does not help the airport getting full because since at all airports other than lhr L and X planes take way longer to leave the runway so even if you have the endurance to wait for all the L and X planes to land then that will still take so long. And for airport like lhr and IAD where the M and S stands are seperate from the L and X stand then only one part of the airport will be full. And also, if you leave the airport then you’re gonna have to start all the way from the beginning. Ngl this change is good for people with lots of player contracts and connections(like my SAN) but bad for those who like to play realistically(like my pretty much every other airport). I hope they add a toggle feature to keep both communities in mind…


There should be a flexible option button for changing the landing order, instead of being fixed like that.


This update is messing up more instead of solving the problem that there is not enough action on our airports because of the really slow approach, landing and taxispeeds on the runway. Devs denied faster landing by talking about realism but where’s realism in having a forced arrival queue??? We were able to prioritize landing ourselves by scrolling so why is there a forced system now?

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That realistic speed is the core soul of the game.


Was it though? I though the point was to automate landing. Without the controler the player has full choice of the landing order.

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I think the solution is just don’t use delivery controller… Assign stand manually…:ok_hand:t2:

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I don’t see any realism in planes being handled in a few minutes and after that crossing the Atlantic in less than an hour while they keep crawling on the runway :man_shrugging: