Arrival rate of player owned pax-planes at LEJ

can the income rate of random player owned planes get somehow be reduced please? Since we can’t reject arrivals any more this is kind of annoying. I’m getting a lot of them especially during European morning time and they’re jamming the income of cargo planes. So cargo stands are empty while pax stands are full.


I have brought this up along with the idea of having the option to just completely deactivate these arrivals

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Designers could make it much simpler by making the INN-LEJ connection M planes only (or remove it altogether!).

If you don’t have stands does the game still send random player arrivals? Could you buy a bunch of S planes and leave them at the gates forever? Or reset and don’t build S stands.

Game only sends what’s available as stands normally at other airports like NGO and IAD I’ve got planes blocking the S gates so I don’t get any more of them

If I remember correctly there was a consideration in the past to have the option to close opened stands/gates. Maybe this can be revived?

That was discussed but I’ve heard nothing for a long time. Parking stands and preferred arrivals options have also been out there for a while, but not seen as priorities at the moment.

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The only thing is that it brings a bug to light when he game sends a pax plane to fill a cargo stand and vise versa, happens a lot anymore